• Computer Information Technology Services

    Computer Information Technology Services

    The primary mission of the BCCC information technology system is to build a solid information technology resource infrastructure that promotes a student-centered learning environment through the use of technology in the classroom. This technology will benefit all BCCC stakeholders including students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. It is also the goal of the BCCC information technology system to provide a portal for increased relationships between the College and Corporate America.

    The BCCC information technology system will support the growing needs and services important to the citizens of the state of Maryland by providing enhanced customer service. This will be achieved through secure electronic delivery of information, interoperability with major State-related systems (such as network Maryland) and through promotion of collaborative and cooperative systems development in all new major technology initiatives. The goals of the BCCC technology system are to:

    1. Preserve and improve the information technology services for the BCCC community:
    a. Strengthen leadership, planning and decision making
    b. Increase technology user productivity
    c. Generate confident and satisfied faculty and staff

    2. Collaboratively develop new services to meet the emerging needs of BCCC and the state of Maryland using available information technology; ensure timely and efficient access to information.

    3. Expand the availability of BCCC information technology resources

    4. Continuously support BCCC's academic information technology needs by participating fully in the strategic priorities of the Academic Master Plan and Facilities Master Plan to include:
    a. Enhance teaching and learning through the use of technology
    b. Generate confident and satisfied students

    5. Position the BCCC information technology system as a resource for the people of Maryland and the educational well-being of the state

    6. Provide safe, reliable and flexible information technology systems which are customer supported and driven

    7. Continue to develop and implement visionary and dynamic information technology systems that are cost effective and efficient

    In order for the BCCC information technology system to be successful, a balance between a reliable and safe infrastructure and flexibility to tailor to individual and group needs must be maintained. The system must provide services that range from basic and fundamental to those services that would be categorized as innovative and cutting edge; all adding positively to the productivity of Baltimore City Community College.