Photograph of ESL Student
                                                                    Photograph by Katie Talton, Refugee Program Specialist

English Language Services & Basic Skills

BCCC’s English Language Services & Basic Skills department offers a variety of English as a Second Language (ESL) curricula at all levels to English language learners. Through these programs, students can prepare for academic and career success, as well as citizenship. The department’s career pathways focus includes short and long-term career planning and training.

In addition to the programs listed, BCCC is able to provide customized ESL solutions to businesses and the community. BCCC’s expertise with cutting edge training models allows the development of courses that combine English language skills, basic math and reading skills, and customized career bridge and job readiness training that prepare students for entry-level jobs and job training opportunities.

Each year, over 3,500 students enroll in ESL and Citizenship classes at over 30 locations in Baltimore City and surrounding areas. Representing over 90 countries of origin, our students continuously trust BCCC with their educational and career advancement needs. We encourage you to visit us or call to learn more about our programs and services for immigrants, refugees, and asylees.

Program Fact Sheets
 English Language Services & Basic Skills General Fact Sheet      Citizenship Preparation Fact Sheet      Community ESL Fact Sheet                                                                                                 
English Language Instruction (ELI) Fact Sheet     Pre-GED for ESL Fact Sheet     Programs for Refugees Fact Sheet  

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