The TRIO/SSS-STAIRS Program is a federally funded Student Support Services program that is designed to increase the retention, graduation, and transfer rates of program eligible students through services that address their academic, personal/social, financial, career, and other needs.

Specific services include the provision of academic tutoring, academic advising, financial aid information and assistance in completing financial aid applications, financial/economic literacy, book awards, transfer services, career information/exploration, and academic/cultural enrichment activities.

In addition to being citizens or permanent residents of the United States, two-thirds of the students enrolled in the program will be low-income individuals who are first-generation college students only.

The remaining students will be low-income individuals, first-generation college students, or individuals with disabilities. At least one third of the students with disabilities will be low-income individuals. All students accepted into the program must have a need for academic support.

The TRIO/SSS-STAIRS program is funded for $1,677,240 through 2020.

STAIRS Program
Students Taking Action In Reaching Success
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