Program Services

    Academic Advice and Assistance in Postsecondary Course Selection

    Academic advisors teach participants the essential elements of academic advising and course selection with the goal of enhancing their self-efficacy and self-directedness. Advisors also do preliminary degree/graduation audits for all participants who reach the college’s academic milestones.

    Individual/Small Group Tutoring

    The program provides individual and/or small group tutoring directly, and/or indirectly through the Center for Academic Achievement. Professional and peer tutors teach study skills and provide intensive tutoring to enhance the academic performance of participants particularly in Mathematics, English, and the Sciences. Participants who are enrolled in developmental courses, on academic probation, are repeating a class or have low GPA are required to sign up for tutoring.
    Book Awards

    Interested participants should check out the eligibility criteria for this award. All of the book award money will be offered to qualifying applicants on a first come first served basis.
    Financial Aid Information/Assistance with Financial Aid Applications

    Participants receive assistance in completing the FAFSA online and all are advised to participate in the “Financial Aid Awareness” workshops organized by the Office of Financial Aid. The workshops provide information about the full range of Federal student financial aid programs and about the changes to the Pell grant regulations. The program also provides information on public and private scholarships.

    In order to take advantage of all available institutional, local, state, and federal aid, participants are encouraged to complete FAFSA online before the deadline for state of Maryland aid which is the first day of March.
    Financial/Economic Literacy Workshops

    Workshops are provided to improve the financial and economic literacy of participants and to assist participants with financial planning for post-secondary education.
    Transfer Services

    Transfer services offered by the program include: degree/graduation audit, admission information for four-year colleges, assistance with completing college applications, college visits/open houses, transfer days, and academic advising regarding course transferability and requirements. Transferring participants also receive assistance to locate and obtain financial aid for four-year institutions.
    Personal Counseling/Peer Support Group

    Participants have the opportunity to discuss personal concerns and issues that impact their academic success, in individual sessions and in a peer support group. The Single Parents Connection holds monthly meetings for interested participants. Issues that are beyond the professional skills of the SSS staff are referred to available college resources and/or community agencies.
    Career Information/Decision Making Skills

    In collaboration with the Office of Career Development and Employment Services (CDES) the program assists participants with obtaining career information and acquiring career decisions making skills. Participants can access the SIGI-3 for career assessment and receive assistance for resume writing, internship opportunities, and job search strategies including job fairs through the CDES.
    Academic/Cultural Enrichment Activities

    Participants are exposed to and engage in cultural events and academic programs/activities that will improve their general knowledge, enhance their self-confidence, and motivate them to succeed. Such events/activities include, but are not limited to, tours of historical sites, plays at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, TRIO Student Leadership conference/training, and four-year college tours.