How To Apply

    Eligibility Requirements:
    To be eligible for the program, an applicant must:
    • Be a U. S. citizen, national, or meet the residency requirements for federal student financial assistance.
    • Meet the federal guidelines for first-generation college student, low-income, and/or disability.
    • Be currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment at BCCC.
    • Be committed to earning an Associate degree, Certificate, or transferring to a 4-year college upon graduation from BCCC.
    • Have two or more semesters remaining at BCCC.
    • Be in Good Academic Standing.
    • Have successfully completed or be exempted from 80 and 91 levels of developmental courses in at least two basic skill areas.
    • Demonstrate a need for academic support for college level course work.

    If you are interested in applying, click on the link STAIRS Application, print the application, fill it out and submit or mail it to:
    Baltimore City Community College
    2901 Liberty Heights Avenue, Suite MNB 023
    Baltimore, MD 21215-7893
    Please review your application before you submit. Verify that you have provided all the information requested, answered every question, signed, and dated it. Also, include a copy of your Student Inquiry Report (SIR). You can obtain the SIR on the Student Portal.