• Educational Program

    The daily schedule gives a view of the day’s events. It outlines the specific times that activities and events will be done, taking into consideration spontaneous learning opportunities. The schedule offers equal amounts active and quiet activities, large and small group times as well as a balance of inside and outside activities . The schedule is posted on the teacher’s bulletin board in each classroom.


    CWB utilizes the Creative Curriculum and the Core knowledge curriculums as a framework  for learning in a developmentally appropriate format. These curriculums are approved by the Maryland Department of Education Early Childhood department. The curriculum focuses on preparing the environment  for optimum interaction in the social, cognitive  and physical areas of development. Children are encouraged to use their language skills to express themselves. Teachers are required to facilitate children's growth through many strategies. This is an exploratory curriculum which encourages children to investigate , ask questions and solve problems. The use of the Arts is essential to developing their creative abilities in order to develop their higher order thinking skills.