• Services

    Individual Counseling

    Individual Counseling is counseling in which the individual (student) meets with the counselor one on one. During these one on one sessions, students confidentially talk with the counselor in regards to various issues of concern that may be occurring in their lives. 

    Concerns regarding adjusting to college, interpersonal/ personal relationships, gender identity/ sexual issues, alcohol/ drug addiction, anxiety and depression are some of the many difficulties that students may encounter.

    Meeting with the counselor will allow the student to openly and confidentially discuss their issues. In doing so, the student will be able to gain a better insight into their issues which will help them to increase their knowledge, change their behaviors and/ or increase their understanding of themselves and others.

    Workshops and Presentations 

    Monthly workshops on various topics including stress management, kinesthetic learning techniques, and time management skills are offered. Classroom presentations are available upon request and can be tailored to suit the needs of the professor. 

    Group Counseling

    Group counseling, is counseling in which 3-10 students meet with the counselor (as the facilitator) and discuss and process issues that may be common among students. The group format allows for students to understand that they are not alone in their situation and it also helps them to receive understanding and feedback from others with similar situation.

    Consultation & Training

    The counselor will consult with individuals, faculty, students, and others on a variety of student development issues including:
    • helping skills
    • goal-setting
    • empathetic listening
    • team building
    • crisis prevention
    • promotion of civility