• First Year Experience

    Welcome to the First Year experience! Attending college for the first time can be scary; wouldn't you agree? Making mental, academic, emotional and social adjustments are inevitable. Time management, and independence jump to a different level altogether, and the choices you make early on will determine whether you will or will not be successful in your higher education endeavors. All of the affore-mentioned comments can raise a new student's anxiety level to points never before experienced - this is where we come in as First Year Experience (FYE) advisors. Research indicates that first year students do better when the feel connected to a faculty member, staff person, or administrator at the college they attend. When we connect with you, we will guide you through the adjustment phases that first year students go through. We will also connect you with invaluable resources that will make you a well-rounded college student, and prepare you for your next several years of matriculation.

    Need a mentor? We got you!
    Need to know college procedures and processes? We got you!
    Need one on one advisement? We got you!
    Need to learn study skills? We'll connect you!
    Need time management skills? We'll connect  you
    Need a tutor? We got you!
    Just need someone to talk to? We got you!
    We, too, were first year students; now we can tell you from experience that connecting early on and and receiving front-loaded information from a competent, caring team is vitally important - Please do not suffer in silence, and never wait till the proverbial 11th hour is upon you. The FYE team at BCCC is always ready and willing to help! We are here for you.