• Public Safety

    Campus Security Report

    For information on campus security, please download the 2015 Annual Campus Security Report and Clery Act Statistics, which is designed to provide important information about safety on campus locations. In addition to detailing the various programs Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) offers to the community, the report provides statistics regarding crime incidents on campus. In any review of the statistics, the reader will gain the sense that BCCC has extremely safe campus locations. This level of safety on campus is due in part to the combined efforts of many different departments and individuals. Safety is a community responsibility; in this context, BCCC relies on every member of the community to contribute to security on campus by reporting suspicious activities and using common sense when going about daily activities.


    The Department of Public Safety is primarily responsible for developing services, programs, and strategies for maintaining reasonably safe campus locations. BCCC relies on our collaborative relationships with the community to fulfill that responsibility. We hope you find this report informative and helpful, and that your visit to BCCC is enjoyable and safe. If you have questions or would like additional information, visit our website or stop by Room 58 of the Liberty Campus Main Building.