Career Development Services

Career Development & Employment Services

Welcome to the Office of Career Development & Employment Services.  Searching for employment takes time, energy and preparation.  Whether you are looking for your first position, looking to advance or possibly change your career, it is important that you be proactive by preparing yourself with the job search and additional training if required.  BCCC and the Career Development and Employment Services is committed to supporting the constantly evolving needs of the workforce, and has a wide range of strategies for connecting students and graduates with training and employers in search of viable candidates to fulfill vacant positions in their companies.

                                                                       Office Hours
                                                            Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

                                                    For more information, please visit us at:
                                                               Baltimore City Community College
                                                               Career Development Services, Main Building, Room 110
                                                               2901 Liberty Heights Avenue
                                                               Baltimore MD 21215
                                                               (410) 462-8470
                                                                Vincent Whitmore 
                                                                (410) 462-8594
                                                                Marilyn Hendricks 
                                                 Career Development Services Specialist
                                                                (410) 462-8492
                                                            Jessica Townsend
                                                Job Location & Development Specialist
                                                                  (410) 462-8503