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Middle States Accreditation Update

Fine Arts Theatre, Wednesday, July 30


Faculty and staff are invited to attend the presentation of an exit message from Dr. Andrea Lex, vice president of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, tomorrow, July 30, from 11 a.m. until noon in the Fine Arts Theatre. Concluding her two-day campus visit, Dr. Lex will share observations of the progress the College has made in addressing accreditation standards and the Commission’s expectations for the future.

Parking Permits Now Available


Parking permits for the coming academic year (Sept. 1-Aug. 31) became available for purchase yesterday. Employees who wish to sign up for pre-tax parking via payroll deduction must be signed up by Friday, Aug. 22. All employees interested in pre-tax parking please complete the form at the end of this information packet, and bring it along with your employee ID to the Public Safety Office, Room 58. Persons who wish to pay cash for permits can do so by visiting the ID Booth located on the ground floor of the Main Building next to the Cashier. Remember to pay for the parking permit at the Cashier prior to coming to the ID Booth.

ITS Announces New Email Security Feature



Through the collaborative efforts of Adeniyi Olunuga, Kennedy Franco and Thad Berry, the ITS Network and Systems team proudly announces the addition of a new email security appliance. Begun Friday, July 25, unwanted messages are now being blocked at a significantly higher rate with user-accessible quarantines for retrieving unnecessarily blocked inbound mail.


The College community’s patience with the heavy influx of spam is greatly appreciated. We hope the additional protections meet your demand for a more pleasant email experience. Please submit suspicious emails to the IT Service Desk at or http://bccc-helpdesk/ServiceDesk if junk gets through the system.

Is Bottled Water All It’s Cracked Up to Be?


There’s more (or less!) to bottled water than you think. In this week’s summer “Going Green” column, Associate Dean Bryant Evans takes a look at the ins and outs of bottled water, how it’s regulated, and the relative health benefits of bottled versus plain old tap water.




Current BCCC Employment Opportunities Updated!


  • Administrative Assistant III
  • Assistant Professor, Fashion Design
  • Building Security Officer
  • Instructor Specialist, ESL
  • IT Security Analyst
  • Manager of Non-Credit Healthcare
  • Procurement Specialist II
  • Vice President, Business & Finance


For more detailed information for all job postings, please visit BCCC Jobs, also accessible in the left-hand column!

ITS Update

Did you know?

Internet service at the Main campus and Liberty West have been significantly increased! The Liberty West site was connected to networkMarylandTM last October, eliminating the need to share the Main campus’s Internet service (still there as a backup). The Main campus in the last couple of weeks has doubled its 90MB (vendor-provided) capacity through the addition of a 100MB circuit, again from networkMarylandTM.


Why is this important?

1. Our focus is always on students and now that we have the additional capacity, students and supporting staff have more bandwidth and quicker response for their use.

2. Many if not most programs used by the Testing Department, Financial Aid and Tutoring are now web-based.

3. As preparatory work for the ERP project, the infrastructure will continue to be improved. The new ERP system will have the resources needed PRIOR to or at implementation.


Near Future: We are working with the State to add a circuit for BCED’s RPC site so they can enjoy the same lightning speed and throughput to serve their staff and future training contracts.


B. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The new telephone system was successfully deployed June 4 at Liberty West. The same system will be coming to the Main campus over the next few months (except August – when there will be a freeze on telephone moves). This should be completed by the end of the year if not sooner.


Any questions regarding these projects or other telecom issues can be routed to Harold King, BCCC Telecom Coordinator, at


         Chief Information Officer

Recent Robotics Grad Bertram LaRose and Professor

Alton Smith Make U.S. Black Engineer Magazine!


Bertram LaRose came to BCCC to sharpen his skills in robotics and electronics engineering technology. He left with a job as a high-speed train technician with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. He is featured in the Summer 2014 U.S. Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine with his teacher and mentor, Professor Alton Smith. And he accomplished all this at the age of 54! Click here and arrow to pages 8-9 for the story.

Write Effective Performance Goals


All faculty and staff are encouraged to click here and view the Professional Development Office’s guide to writing effective performance goals. Learn about the simple process for establishing measurable performance goals. To receive one hour of professional development credit, complete pages 3-5 and forward to Kemberly Sellman at

Summer Hours for Campus Areas: Cafeteria Update


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

9 a.m.5 p.m.


9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


9 a.m. 3 p.m.



Summer Hours

Monday Friday

7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The grill will close at 2:30 p.m.



ID Booth

Monday – Friday

9 a.m. to noon

15 p.m.

These hours will be effective through Friday, Aug. 1.

Draft Policies and Procedures Open for Comment


The draft policies and procedures listed below are posted and open for comment on our intranet Discussion Board. Click here to access the discussion!


Policy & Procedures

Transfer and Advance Standing (Academic Affairs)

Library Fines and Fees (Academic Affairs)


Instruction on how to view and post a comment to the Discussion Board:

  1. After logging on to the BCCC Center Policies and Procedures Open for Comment Discussion Board page, click on the drop down menu of the document you want to view
  2. Select “View Item”
  3. To view the attachment you must click on the attachment
  4. To post a comment click “Reply”

Once you have completed your comment click “OK”

Business and Finance – Postage Requests


When submitting postage requests to the BCCC mailroom, please include the count (number of pieces) of the mail along with the PCA number to charge. The mailroom will be unable to process your postage requests without the number of items to be mailed until further notice. Thank you for your cooperation!

Notice to Managers and Supervisors: How to Designate Someone to Sign a Payroll Form in Your Absence

Please fill out this form to designate someone to sign payroll forms in your absence. Contact the Payroll Office at 410-209-6047 with any questions or concerns!

Spread the Word! Low-Cost Quality Child Care Available

The Clarence W. Blount Child Development Center is now enrolling for summer CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School) scholarships. The College offers an infant-toddler and pre-school room program (6 months-5 years) and an evening aftercare program starting in the fall (ages 5-12).


Click here for Flyer!


CCAMPIS is available to students who are eligible to receive the Pell Grant and unable to afford the full cost of quality child care. Students receiving a child care subsidy from the State of Maryland are not eligible for participation in the grant program, though sliding scale fees are available. The deadline to enroll in the evening program is Aug. 11. See eligibility for CCAMPIS scholarships below:


To receive assistance through this program, students must:


• Be a Pell-eligible student-parent

• Be enrolled in 3 credits (summer) or 6 credits (fall/spring)

• Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5

• Attend workshop trainings and participate in survey and evaluation activities


For further information, contact Jinaki Kambui, Clarence W. Child Development Center Program Director; Jodi Cosgrove, CCAMPIS Project Coordinator; or Vivian Gross, CCAMPIS Program Group Leader at 410-462-7460.

Video Short: Coming Soon [to Your E-Learning Department!]


Customized faculty training opportunities and a new learning management system called Canvas will replace Blackboard in the near future! Learn how to be more efficient at teaching all your courses. Watch the video!

Contract Processing, HR Working to Improve Life

for Contractual Employees


The Contract Processing and HR Offices are working together to improve the hiring and payment process for contract employees. The goal is to ensure fair employment practices and consistency in the recruitment and selection of BCCC contractual and temporary agency employees. When submitting your contract requests to Tonya Anderson, please make sure of the following:


·         A job description and documentation of credentials are required when submitting new-hire packets and contracts. If appropriate documentation was submitted during FY2014, please advise HR when submitting the renewal contract request.

·         HR will also begin verifying credentials and positions for requests to hire employees through temporary agencies. A separate notification detailing this is forthcoming and will appear in the Daily News.

·         Make sure a cut-off form (clink link below) is submitted to Payroll for ALL contracts not renewed. HR will obtain this information from Payroll to update and maintain an accurate contract employee database.


Contractual Agreement Data Form

Substitute Replacement Late and Addendum Contract

Contractual Employment Cut Off Form


For more information, please contact Sheryl Nelson or Ms. Anderson at


Assessment Newsletter


Access the latest edition of the Assessment Newsletter, published by the Division of Academic Affairs Assessment Office. Catch up with all things related to the College’s current decennial accreditation process and access previous editions of the newsletter on our website!

New State of Maryland Policy for Address Changes


Note that the State has a new process for changing your address. The change-of-address form is out and the “appropriate tax-withholding form” is in! Please read the Memo from the assistant director of the Central Payroll Bureau.

Business & Finance Updates


Maryland Meal Reimbursement Rates

Increased July 1 for FY 2015


Travel/Expense reimbursement requests should be submitted to the Accounts Payable Department (if Professional Development, these go to HR first) within 60 days of the travel/expense date. 




Breakfast      $9

Lunch          $11

Dinner         $25

Total           $45


Click the following links for the appropriate travel/expense reimbursement documents and information:


FY 15 Meal Reimbursement Rates Memo

Expense report Rev-BLANK.xls

Mileage Log Sheet.xlsx


High Cost Area Meal Rates


Important Reminder: Checks Made Out to the College

Checks Received


According to the College’s Cash Management Procedures, any checks made out to Baltimore City Community College must be given to General Accounting for processing. Please do not bring any checks to the Cashier’s window. Failure to comply with established procedures may result in an audit finding for the College. If you have any questions, please contact the General Accounting/Bursar’s Office.



Vashti Hayletts

Bursar’s Office-Main Building,
Room 51C




Tieasha Stanley

West Pavilion, Room 228




Eileen Waitsman

West Pavilion, Room 237






Upcoming Events


Fall 2014

Advisement Schedule

Register for fall advisement on Doodle and access the newly updated (July 29) advisement schedule here! Check your dates and times if you have already signed up!