1. Start Excel - if the Excel 2010 icon is not on the desktop:
    1. Click Start>Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Excel 2010
    2. The Ribbon- seen across the top of Microsoft Excel. The ribbon contains Tabs, Groups, and Commands
  1. Tabs - sit across the top of the ribbon. Each tab contains core tasks you do in the program (Home, Insert, Page Layout...)
  2. Groups - sets of related commands displayed in the tabs. (Clipboard, Font, Alignment, Number, Styles...)
  3. Commands - a button, menu, or a box where you enter information.
  4. Select Save As
  5. The Save As Dialog Box appears
    1. Change the Save in box to the location where you wish to save your document (3 ½ inch Floppy drive, a Flash drive...)
    2. In the File Name Box, type in the name of your document
    3. Click the Save button
  6. The Print Range should be set to All pages
  7. The Copies should be set to 1
    1. You can use the spin box to change the number of copies
  8. Click the OK button.