Formatting Text - (Click the Home tab) Formatting allows you to change the size, color, and type of font you want.

Select the text and select the appropriate button

  1. Font - Change the font of the selected text (Times New Roman is the font used in MLA and APA papers).
  2. Font size - change the size of the selected text (The font size is usually set to 12 point for MLA and APA papers).
  3. Grow Font - increases the font size of the selected text.
  4. Shrink Font - decreases the font size of the selected text.
  5. Clear formatting - removes all formatting to selected text.
  6. B -Bold
  7. I - Italics
  8. U - Underline
  9. abc - strikethrough
  10. X2 - Subscript - lowers and shrinks the selected text.
  11. x2 - Superscript - raises and shrinks the selected text.
  12. Aa - Change case - changes all selected text to UPPERCASE, lowercase or other options.
  13. Text highlight color button - Highlights the selected text.
  14. Font Color - changes the color of the selected text.