Links for ESL Students

Listening Comprehension:
ABC News: listen to short audio and video clips of current news stories.
NPR Online: listen to National Public Radio broadcasts
The Mercury Theatre on the Air: "Dracula", "Tale of Two Cities", "The Count of Monte Cristo", and many other radio productions. For High Intermediate and Advanced level students.
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab: listening comprehension activities for all levels.
ESL Independent Study Lab: these pages from Michael Krauss have listening activities for all levels of ESL students.
ESL Cafe: Listening Links page lists more places to explore.
Ohio ESL: A listing of links for listening comprehension activities from Ohio University; divided by level.

English Club's Pronunciation Resources: practice word and sentence stress, linking, and have fun with tongue-twisters.
American English Pronunciation: minimal pair practice, quizzes, and videos.
Sounds of English: excellent site with pronunciation activities. Check out their links page!

Reading and Vocabulary:
English Language Center Study Zone: pages from the University of Victoria; features reading selections for all levels; comprehension activities are included.
English Works!: reading practice pages from Gallaudet University; exercises include comprehension, vocabulary, and cloze quizzes.
Reading Comprehension Quizzes: try these quizzes written by teachers from all over the world
English Zone: vocabulary exercises and quizzes; some areas are for members only.
Vocabulary University: a large site with lots of interactive exercises: fill-in-the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, definition match, and many more. The content changes frequently.
The Compleat Lexical Tutor: a large site from the University of Quebec; test your level of mastery of the Academic Word List, or get a vocabulary profile of your writing. For Advanced level students

A Guide to Learning English: writing practice pages for beginning and low-intermediate students.
Ohio ESL Writing Resources: links to writing activities from Ohio University.
Writer's Handbook from the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin; for Advanced level students
ESL Independent Study Lab: links to writing resources for all levels.
International Debate Education Association (IDEA): links and information about controversial topics
Public Agenda: information on controversial topics and public opinion on issues, links to further information; navigate to "Issue Guides" link.

TOEFL Preparation:
Learn4Good: links to TOEFL resources
TOEFL and TSE information: download bulletins, find test center locations, download free test practice materials.

Quizzes for levels and skills
Interesting Things for ESL Students: have fun with word games, puzzles, quizzes and much more.
ESL PartyLand Quiz Center: Business English, grammar, idioms, and slang at different levels.

Online Dictionaries:
Picture Dictionary: for beginning and intermediate level students
Cambridge Dictionaries Online: here you can access the Advanced Learner's Dictionary, the Dictionary of Idioms, and the Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs; also, check out their Resources, Word of the Day sections.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary: download the dictionary.