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    All About Accuplacer

    Students must submit an Admissions Application to BCCC before scheduling for the ACCUPLACER test. 

    Must I take the ACCUPLACER Entry Assessment?

    All individuals seeking a certificate or A.A. degree are responsible for meeting the assessment requirements before registering for classes.The assessment requirement may be met in one of the following ways:

    A. Take the ACCUPLACER entry assessment in reading, sentence skills and mathematics;
    B. Show proof of successfully completing (with a “C” or better) reading, writing, and math courses;
    C. Show proof of minimum ACT or SAT scores earned:
    ACT – a composite score of 21 or higher to qualify for ENG 101 and a math score 21 or higher.to qualify for college math
    SAT – a verbal score of 500 and a critical thinking score of 500 or higher to qualify for ENG 101 and a math score of 500 or higher to qualify for college math.

    What is ACCUPLACER?

    The ACCUPLACER entry assessment is a series of tests in reading, sentence skills, and mathematics completed on a personal computer. You will read the instructions and questions on the computer using the mouse. You do not have to be experienced in using computers to complete this test. Staff at your testing location will help you get started and be available to answer questions about the tests.

    What is the purpose of ACCUPLACER?

    ACCUPLACER provides you essential information about your skill levels in reading, writing, and mathematics. Your score will indicate whether you are ready for college-level studies or need to take one or more preparatory courses. Since your test results will help determine your initial course placements, you should take ACCUPLACER seriously. After testing you and your advisor will discuss your results and build your course schedule. Placement in the correct coursework will help ensure your success at BaltimoreCityCommunity College.

    Students who receive the following scores are placed into developmental courses: Writing score 0-89, Reading score 0-78, and Math score 0-44.

    Students who receive the following scores are placed into college level courses: Writing score 90, Reading score 79, and College Math score 45.

    Important Test Day Information:

    Arrive on time, bring picture identification (a student I.D. or license is acceptable), and student inquiry ( required for all exams except departmental, CLEP and distance learning exams) Allow yourself two hours to complete the test. Pencil and scratch paper will be made available. A pop-up calculator will also be available on screen for selected items only.

    Rescheduling appointments will not be permitted. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

    Finally, use the ACCUPLACER tutorial to your advantage.

    There is a tutorial on the computer before the actual test begins. This tutorial will permit you to try out the computer mouse and the scroll bar that you will need to use during the test. You may spend as much time as you need to become familiar and feel comfortable with the computer before you begin testing.
    Don’t start until you are ready.

    How long does ACCUPLACER take?

    Although the test is untimed, most students are able to complete ACCUPLACER in two hours.

    When will I receive my ACCUPLACER results?

    At the BCCC campus location (Liberty), you will receive your results immediately after completing the ACCUPLACER Tests. Additional copies of test results will not be given to students. Your scores are valid for 2 years from the test date.

    I agree that I have read and understand the information listed above and I am now ready to register for the ACCUPLACER Exam: To register click on ACCUPLACER test on the left side bar.