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    1. To provide an authentic use of computer applications in the industry.
    2. To enhance college knowledge by inviting professionals to speak and share their experiences in the industry.
    3. To make computer tutoring services available to the student body.
    4. To demonstrate the uses of computers through use of various software packages and hardware.
    5. To provide community service projects which help mankind and better the computing environment throughout the Baltimore area.

    Order of Business:

    1. Call to Order 6. Special Interest Groups
    2. Roll Call 7. Old Business
    3. Minutes of last meeting 8. New Business
    4. Officer introduction of new members 9. Topic of Discussion, Voting, etc.
    5. Committee Reports 10. Adjournment

    Membership Rights:
    All active members are allowed access to all club-sponsored activities, including trips, guest speakers, etc.  Active members are allowed to participate in the club-sponsored fundraisers and any regular meetings.

    Active membership is dependent upon prompt and timely payment of dues.  Any member who has not paid dues by the second meeting of the semester, shall after suitable reminder(s) by the Treasurer, be suspended from the active member list.  Any member, who is not on the active member list, will be treated as a non-member in regard to any fees, charge for trips, guest speakers, etc.  Any member not on the active member list, must repay all dues owed before regaining active member status.

    The names of the standing committees are:

    Membership and Advertisement Committee - duties will be to advertise and promote club activities in the college, and formulate ideas to increase membership.

    Activity and Program Committee - duties will be to create and supervise club fund raising activities, organize field trips, arrange for guest speakers and/or software demonstrations.

    Historical Committee - duties will be to develop and maintain a photographic log of all chapter activity.

    Members of all committees will be filled by volunteers or by presidential appointment.


    The minimum number of Computer Technology Club Members needed at a regular meeting to transact business will be two thirds of the current membership.