• Policies and Procedures

    Students are individually responsible for their financial obligations to the College. A student whose account is overdue or who is in any manner indebted to the College will be denied the issuance of transcripts or diplomas, and will be denied the ability to register for future semesters until all obligations are fulfilled.

    Students must complete the Withdrawal/ADD/DROP Form and return the form to the Registrar’s Office. Failure to attend classes does not constitute a withdrawal. All fees are non-refundable on the first day of the session or semester.
    Outstanding debts will be deducted from any refund due the student. After 90 days, uncollected debts are sent to the State’s Central Collection Unit. Costs incurred in collecting delinquent accounts will be charged to the student.

    The collection fee is 17% of the unpaid balance plus any attorney and court costs. The College will not write off a student’s bankruptcy until the discharge has been approved by the State Attorney General’s Office. Once the outstanding debts have been paid, the student will need to obtain clearance from Student Accounting before being allowed to register, request transcripts, or receive a diploma from the College.