• Library

    Library Information for Faculty

    Use this form to request that library materials be placed "on reserve", with limited circulation, to accommodate multiple students.
    Book request Form
    Use this form to request the library acquire a book for its collection. Before making a request, please check the catalog to make sure we do not already have the book.

    The Chronicle
    Instructions for Baltimore City Community College Faculty and Staff to create an account at The Chronicle in order to receive FREE e-newsletters.

    Information Literacy Request Form
    To request a class, please fill out and return to the library the Information Literacy Request form. The class must be scheduled at least one week in advance and classes are not confirmed until the instructor is notified by Glenn Peterson. Any questions, please call Glenn Peterson at (410) 462-8229 or call the reference desk at (410) 462-8240.Again due to preparation time and instruction room availability, we request a minimum one week notice.

    Five Thinking Skills Students Need to Learn
    (Information Literacy)
    A brief description on information literacy for students.

    Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education
    Information Literacy standards approved by the Association of College and Research Libraries.
    Posting PowerPoint Files in Canvas- This is a handout on posting PowerPoint files in Canvas with advanced print settings. Most faculty post the files with the default print settings. By saving these files with advanced print settings before posting a file in Canvas, faculty will save paper and ink when students print them out.