Environmental Science

Please note: BCCC is in the process of consolidating this program. While no new students are being accepted, if you are new please consider our other programs!

Environmental Science
Liberty Campus
Business, Health, Sciences and Mathematics Division
Computers, Mathematics, Engineering and Sciences Department

Environmental Science Degree/Certification Program
Baltimore City Community College’s Environmental Science Program allows students to receive academic and technical training in the classroom, as well as with potential employers. The ESP will enhance skills such as reading and writing documents, so that students can develop critical thinking skills, and increase their chances of gaining employment as Environmental Science Technicians. Students will learn to monitor and sample environmental materials, use the computer to solve environmental problems and research environmental policies and technologies. This Environmental Science Program treats environmental science as an interdisciplinary study, combining ideas and information from natural sciences, (such as biology, chemistry, and geology), mathematics, English, and social sciences, (such as economics, politics, and ethics), thus demonstrating the interconnections of the various academic divisions of the College.

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