Arts and Sciences Transfer

Liberty Campus

School of Arts and Social Sciences
English, Humanities, Visual and Performing Arts Department

Increasingly, highly motivated students whose sights are set on careers in law, medicine, pharmacy, business, education, government service, journalism, the visual arts, music, the social sciences, languages, and other fields are finding that the most strongly recommended path to a bachelor’s degree and professional school training is a liberal arts education.

BCCC's Arts and Sciences Transfer Program is an excellent means to begin this path. In addition to offering an enriched liberal arts study, the program provides students with individual support by the Arts and Sciences Program Coordinator and the College’s transfer counselor.

Following initial advisement by the Program Coordinator, the entering student selects a specific program option:

Arts and Sciences Transfer Degre
(Associate of Arts)
Arts and Sciences Transfer Degree
(Associate of Science)
Following admission to the program, the student progresses at his/her own pace through the carefully selected courses designed to lay the foundation needed for advanced study leading to a bachelor’s degree. At the appropriate point, each student is fully assisted in the process of transferring to a four-year college or university.