Spotlight On...

Ms. Grayla Reneau
Adult Literacy Instructor
Business & Continuing Education Division

Ms. Grayla Reneau Grayla Reneau wants you to imagine.
Imagine going to a store and not knowing what is in front of you, or what the labels and signs say. Imagine trying to write, and mixing up letters and sounds. Imagine your son or daughter coming home from school and showing you the day’s homework – and you cannot understand it, cannot help them. You tell relatives to call – because you stumble through letters or emails, as if uphill in the snow. You feel useless at work, left behind in your place of worship. Even bullied, if others know you cannot read enough.
Now imagine pride. Confidence. Writing letters to your cousins, helping your child with homework. That is what Grayla Reneau loves about working with the Adult Basic Education/General Education Development department at BCED. She teaches non-readers and low-level readers how to read; she also helps those with learning disabilities (especially dyslexia). Her students are everywhere from 16 to past 60. She helps with some math and reading comprehension skills also in her efforts to make sure every student can walk into work, school, shop or home, with the confidence that they belong. That they can contribute.
“The students who come to us are in need of more than academic preparation,” she said to us. “They are also in need of life/ job skill coaching and we have staff willing to go the extra mile to insure that our students get this. We invest in their lives, not just their education.”