Dental Hygiene

Sequence of Courses

Students must follow admissions guidelines

Prerequisite Credits

PRE 100Preparation for Academic Achievement1
BIO 107Anatomy and Physiology4
ENG 101English Writing3
BIO 212Microbiology4
CHE 105Introduction to Biochemistry2


1st Semester

DNT 200Nutrition for Health Science3
DH 142Histology and Embryology2
DH 143Fundamentals of General Pathology1
DH 150Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene4
DS 100Oral Anatomy3
PSY 101Introductory Psychology3


2nd Semester

DH 136Periodontics2
DH 151 Clinical Dental Hygiene I3
DS 110Oral Radiology 3
MAT 107 Modern Elementary Statistics 3


 Summer Session


 DH 220

 Concepts of Advanced Dental Hygiene*



3rd Semester

DH 130Dental Materials3
DH 230Oral Pathology3
DH 231Pharmacology2
DH 242Dental Public Health3
DH 250Clinical Dental Hygiene II4


4th Semester

DH 237Ethics and Jurisprudence 1
DH 251Clinical Dental Hygiene III5
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3
SP 101Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3



Program Total +56

Total Credits70
**All courses listed above are required for graduation.

Completion of the Computer Literacy Test is a college requirement for graduation.
*DH 220 may be offered in the Winter Session after 3rd Semester (to meet student/faculty ratios).
It is strongly recommended that all non-DH and DS courses be completed prior to admission into the Dental Hygiene Program for applicants with qualifying SAT or ACT scores.