Biotechnology Program Outcomes

Students are expected to learn the following within the Biotechnology program:

1. Cognitive Knowledge

  • Recall factual information on broad knowledge based proficiency in central themes, principles, and components of science.
  • Define and solve problems using scientific method in biotechnology or related fields independently and/or collaboratively in a team.
  • Consider implications of biotechnology in societal, environmental, and educational frameworks.
2. Information and Computer Literacy
  • Access current information and literature in science.
  • Utilize the computer for organizing information.
  • Prepare and present scientific data.
3. Experimental Skills
  • Prepare laboratory reagents and conduct experiments using basic instrumentation and math skills with minimal supervision.
  • Utilize a wide variety of laboratory techniques with accuracy, precision, and safety.
  • Analyze and report laboratory findings using oral and/or written skills.
4. Critical Thinking
  • Apply the concepts of biology in problem solving within the scientific industry.
  • Use appropriate protocols to devise data collection procedures and analyze results.
5. Scientific Communication
  • Use the terminology, concepts, and examples of biotechnology in presentations.
  • Write scientific information and data using facts and knowledge of biotechnology.
  • Formulate and evaluate scientific research pertaining to biotechnology in related fields.
6. Professional Attitude
  • Establish personal responsibilities pertaining to the workforce.
  • Interpret current knowledge and skills to emerging methods in biotechnology, as it is a rapidly evolving field.