Arts & Sciences Transfer

Science Option Outcomes

Students are expected to learn the following within the Science Option in the Arts and Sciences Transfer program:

1. Developing Scientific Literacy and Understanding

  • Use scientific vocabulary in chemistry, biology, and physics.
  • Analyze the relationship between structure and function in chemistry, biology, and physics.
2. Developing Scientific Reasoning
  • Employ scientific methods in the development of research in chemistry, biology, and physics.
  • Critically analyze/use the data obtained from the scientific methods of inquiry in chemistry, biology, and physics.
3. Developing Scientific Problem Solving
  • Solve chemistry problems.
  • Determine the past or future state of a system using physical principles.
  • Apply knowledge of biological principles to organisms and their relationship to their environment.
4. Developing Scientific Research Skills
  • Access and search scientific databases.
  • Analyze scientific materials for relevance and accuracy.
  • Summarize and communicate scientific information in the appropriate format.
  • Create and interpret graphical representations of scientific data.