Surgical Technology Program Admissions Process


An application to Baltimore City Community College should be completed prior to applying to the Surgical Technology Program. Students should refer to theBaltimore City Community College Handbook, the Baltimore City Community Collegewebsite, and/or contact Admissions for applications and criteria for acceptanceto Baltimore City Community College.

The Surgical TechnologyProgram is a limited access program with a maximum acceptance of twelve (16) students per year.  The SurgicalTechnology Program is a two-year program, with one program start per year inthe fall.  Students must complete programpre-requisite courses to be eligible to apply for admission into the SurgicalTechnology Program. 


In order to beconsidered for admission, all of the following prerequisites and qualificationsmust be completed before start of the Fall semester:


Prerequisites Courses


·     PRE 100– Preparation for Academic Achievement
·     MAT 107or 128 – Statistics or Precalculus
·     ENG 101– English Composition
·     SP    101 – Fundamentals of Speech Communication
·     BIO  101* - General Biology


Applicants shouldhave an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher in all coursework leading up to applying to the program.


*Science Courses –“must be completed with a C” or better and taken within five years of entry.

Upon acceptanceinto Surgical Technology A.A.S. degree program students: 


1.  Must complete an American Heart AssociationHealth Care Provider CPR course, a copy of both sides of the card must beprovided on the first day of class.


2.  Are required to carry health insurance aslong as they are in the program.


3.  Must maintain a minimum of “C” in each courseto progress through the course and semester sequence.


4.  Must show proof of current health status (byphysical exam less than a year old.


5.  Have up-to-date immunization/titres a.  The Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) must bedone annually.
b.  Rubella, Rubeola andMumps titre and immunization, if necessary. c. Varicella (chicken pox) titre and immunization, if necessary. d.  Hepatitis B screening, vaccine if necessary,or written waiver.


6.   Are required to have a criminal backgroundcheck and a drug screen per regulations of the clinical facility. Check withthe Program Coordinator for specific information. 


Submission ofan application does not guarantee youracceptance into the Surgical Technology Program!!!


Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences and will be eligible to sit for theCertification Exam, which is administered through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).