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Want to know what you will learn from this program? Here is the list of learning outcomes, and this same list is also available using the navigation menu sidebar. (Printable PDF file here.)

Accounting Degree (001)
All businesses—from small shops to giant international conglomerates—report tax-related and other information to local, state, and federal agencies whose constantly increasing regulations create a demand for people thoroughly trained in accounting procedures and policies. BCCC’s Accounting Program prepares its graduates for employment as junior accountants, accounting clerks, or management trainees. Many graduates transfer their BCCC credits to four year colleges and universities, in part to prepare for CPA examinations. Prospective transfer students should contact their preferred transfer institutions concerning course requirements before discussing their sequence of courses with their BCCC faculty advisers and should take MAT 126 instead of ACCT 261. Early and informed communication among the student, his/her BCCC adviser, the Transfer Counselor, and the four-year institution will facilitate transfer.

Transfer Adaptations
Students planning to transfer to four-year institutions should modify this program as indicated below. It is the students’ responsibility to inform both their BCCC advisers and the upper-level college of their choice. The earlier these communications take place, the easier the transfer will be.
  • MAT 126 for ACCT 261
  • Recommended Electives: Biological or Physical Sciences with a lab
The Accounting degree program is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Accounting Certificate (211)
The Accounting Certificate is designed for people seeking entry-level employment in bookkeeping or accounting who choose not to pursue an associate degree or have previously earned that or another degree.

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