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Natural and Physical Science Department

Want to know what you will learn from this program? Here is the list of learning outcomes, and this same list is also available using the navigation menu sidebar. (Printable PDF file here.)

Biotechnology Degree (145)
Students develop science laboratory technical skills in preparation for employment under the supervision of professional scientists in a variety of laboratory settings. The program can also serve as the first two years of preparation for a four-year school with a major in physical or biological sciences.

The second year prepares students for employment in chemical, medical, or scientific labs and/or aquariums and zoos. On-the-job experiences are often available. The Biotechnology Program includes a state-of-the art technical research experience provided by local biotechnology institutes and research facilities such as the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Biotechnology Lab Science Certificate (405)

Business, Health, Sciences and Mathematics Division
Computers. Mathematics, Engineering and Sciences Department

The Biotechnology Lab Certificate is a certificate option of Science Technology Program. The Biotechnology Lab Certificate is intended to prepare students for immediate employment in the biotechnology field as biotechnology laboratory technicians or assistants. Certificate holders will find employment in academic research laboratories, industrial research laboratories, and biopharmaceutical production facilities. Students must meet the college computer literacy requirements.

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