Students are expected to learn the following within the Math Option of the Arts and Sciences Transfer program:

1. Foundation in Mathematics

  • Find the derivative of a function.
  • Evaluate indefinite and definite integrals.
  • Differentiate and integrate multi-variable functions.
  • Solve first-order, ordinary differential equations.
2. Foundation in Logic
  • Solve combinatorial problems by using the concepts of mathematical logic.
  • Construct algorithms by using the concepts of mathematical logic.
  • Make decisions using critical thinking, logic, and problem solving skills.
3. Foundation in Physics
  • Use Newton's Laws to analyze an object being acted upon by a system of forces.
  • Solve electricity and magnetism problems.
4. Foundation in Analytic and Computer-based Problem Solving
  • Design and code a computer program in the C and C++ computer languages.
  • Write C and C++ programs that involve looping.
  • Describe the characteristics of object-oriented design.