General Studies Transfer, AA

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    Program Overview

    The General Studies degree program provides a flexible, yet academically sound framework for the student who is exploring career and academic opportunities; or for the student whose interests, aptitude, and career goals do not conform with other programs offered by the College. In the first year, the student’s academic program consists of those courses which meet the College’s General Education Requirements, and elective courses which may be for career or academic exploration. This first year affords the student the opportunity to participate in the breadth of the academic offerings of the College. At the end of the first year, or upon completion of 30 to 34 credits, the student and his/her academic advisor then develop an academic plan for a career or technical program.

Job Description

  • The General Studies Transfer degree is designed for student who wants to explore other educational programs that are not offered by the College.  The degree is a transfer degree that fulfills the State mandated general education requirements yet allows a student to explore other areas of interest through elective courses.    

Career Options and Occupation Outlook

  • The degree prepares a student for transfer to a four-year institution.  It may, however, provide job skills for an entry-level position into most businesses or industries.  

Skills Needed

  • Excellent critical thinking and writing skills are required in this program.  A student should be able to analyze documents and critical readings required in the related courses. 

Program Faculty

  • Dr. Boyd Servio-Mariano
    Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Liberty Campus, Main building, Room 305G
    Phone: 410-462-7447