BCCC Facilities Overview

  • The Facilities Planning and Operations Department oversees all internal and outsourced professional services for planning, construction and renovation of the College's learning environment. The department is responsible for all architectural and engineering services; hazard communication and safety trainings; buildings, grounds and HVAC maintenance; capital improvement programs; the capital budget; housekeeping services; and property administration. The department is comprised of four major units: Physical Plant Operations which includes Grounds, Engineering and Maintenance; Property Administration; Planning and Construction; and Environmental Services. 

    Effective July 1, 2022, all standard work order ticket requests must be submitted via Asset Essentials. Only emergencies such as life safety issues (flood, fire, etc.) may be called into the Help desk at extension 8508.

    For additional support, please contact FacilitiesHelpDesk@bccc.edu for assistance.

    BCCC Facilities Org Chart

Facilities HelpDesk