Facilities Planning and Capital Projects

  • The Facilities Planning and Capital Projects Department provides its services to BCCC’s faculty, staff and students in pursuit of excellence in rendering high quality construction planning and support services, delivered in the most efficient, productive, and cost-effective manner possible. Our services are directed towards renovation, maintenance and operations of facilities. The Facilities Planning and Capital Projects Department remains accessible and our focus is on being customer oriented.
    Our Mission Is...
    To sustain an excellent college experience by performing scheduled repairs, renovations and improvements to Campus structures, operating systems and utilities.
    Policies & Procedures for Projects
    • Solicitation for new projects begins in February 
    • Properly executed forms are submitted to Facilities in March 
      (Space Allocation Forms & Title Replacement forms)
    • Projects are then reviewed for scope, justification and feasibility
    • Cost estimates are developed for each project submission
    • Projects are compiled and reviewed by Facilities Department
    • Projects are prepared for presentation to the VP of Business & Finance for funding approval in the upcoming Fiscal Year
    • After review and approval by the VP of Business & Finance the approved Projects list is returned to Facilities for implementation


    What is a Deferred Maintenance Project? 
    A. Work required to preserve or maintain a facility or system so that it may continue to be effectively utilized for its designated purpose.
    What is a Facility Renewal Project? 
    A. Facility Renewal - Maintenance/repair project such as alterations, additions, expansions, extensions, conversions, or restoration of or to existing structures.
    What is a Capital Project? 
    A. Capital Project - New construction or major renovations, real property acquisitions, includes design and preparation of plans and specifications.
    What is an ADA Project? 
    A. ADA Project - Maintenance/repair projects, new construction and/or major renovations to bring a facility in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.