• Space Allocation Guidelines: (For Space Management Use Only) 
    All requests for the allocation of space must adhere to the "Baltimore City Community College – Space Allocation Guidelines."

    Process Sequence: 

    1. Requester completes "Request of Allocation of Space" form and submits to Chair/Unit Leader for review/endorsement.
    2. Chair/Unit Leader submits request to Dean/Division Administrator for review/endorsement.
    3. Dean/Division Administrator submits request to Dean or Vice President for review/endorsement.
    4. Dean or Vice President submits request to Space Management (i.e., Development Department) for review/recommendation.
    5. Space Management recommends action regarding the request to the President for final determination.
    6. Space Management reports final determination to the Dean or Vice President.
    7. The Dean or Vice President will report the final determination to their constituents. 
    8. If two or more units are proposing a shared space request, submit one request with the names of each unit listed on the Request Form. If more than one administrator is involved, their signatures must be obtained as well. If more than one unit reporting to the same administrator is requesting the same space, the administrator must prioritize the requests.