E-Learning: Online Programs and Degrees

  • The following degrees and certificates can be completed online or in a combination of traditional and online courses.
    • Coding Specialist 
    • Accounting
    • Allied Human Services
    • Arts & Sciences Transfer (Psychology Area of Concentration)
    • Business Administration Transfer
    • Business
    • Early Childhood Education
    • General Studies Transfer
    • Health Information Technology 
    • Law Enforcement & Correctional Administration 
    • Legal Assistant 

    Online courses are taught via the Internet and comprise at least 80 percent of online semester contact hours.

    Students may be required to take exams on campus to ensure the integrity of the tests. Students communicate with instructors and with one another asynchronously (not in real time) through Canvas, the course management system used at the College.

    Course documents, assignments and projects are exchanged through Canvas.

    Please bookmark Canvas access. 

    To log in to registered courses, follow the login information available through the Canvas Help and Orientation link on the login page.

Verification of Students’ Identity in Canvas

  • The BCCC learning management system, Canvas, is fully integrated with student and College data. All credit courses offered at the College —and all individuals provided with a College email address—are automatically created in Canvas.

    Students registered for online courses receive a unique login based on personal information that includes a combination of their name and a four-digit randomly generated number, unique to each student. The password used by students is a combination of numbers based on each student's date of birth.

    At Online Student Orientation, students are advised to change their password after initial login as well as change their password frequently for security purposes. The formula used for the creation of students’ usernames and default passwords is the same for both Canvas and the student email system.

    In many online courses, students are required to come to campus for testing where their photo IDs are checked, and they complete their exams under proctored conditions. At orientation, students are instructed to keep their login private and to comply with the BCCC Code of Conduct, which addresses issues of academic integrity.  

    Student Identity Verification in Distance Learning Standard Operating Procedure


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