E-Learning Tips for Success

  • Not all students do well in online courses. Below are the qualities that successful online learners must have:

    • Self-discipline: Once enrolled in an online course, students need no reminders to log on to the course site. They will access the course site frequently, read all the pages carefully, and do all the required work, always keeping up with the pace of the class.

    • Motivation: Online students must be highly motivated, with a strong desire to learn and excel in their education. Their inner motivation will help them overcome any hurdles that may arise in the way of reaching their educational goals. Such normal hurdles in the online format include the frustration resulting from technical difficulties, unavailable websites, programs that do not seem to work, or lost and returned e-mails.

    • Independence: Online students learn conveniently from their home or work computers, but are physically isolated from other students or their teachers. However, they are not swayed from completing their assignments on time by scheduling their learning around work and family responsibilities, always making sure that ALL responsibilities are met.

    • Self-reliance: Self-reliant students are those who completely take the responsibility of learning by themselves. They ask questions to clarify course procedures or assignments, find solutions to any technical difficulties that they encounter by contacting their instructors and fellow students, and do whatever is necessary to complete the course successfully.

    • Drive: Online students understand that learning through the Internet gives them the convenience of choosing the time when they can learn, at any hour of the day or night. No matter how stressed, tired, or tempted to do other things, they will never neglect their online education, which occupies a high priority in their lives.

    • Resourcefulness: Successful online students are never stopped from reaching their educational goals when they encounter difficulties in their courses. They surround themselves with a network of resources that they rely on to help them. For instance, they ask the help of a friend or family member if they have difficulties using a certain program, understanding an assignment, or downloading a file.