The Office of Judicial Affairs and Title IX

  • Mission:

    The mission of the Office of Judicial Affairs is to encourage fairness, civility, and due process throughout the College community through the holistic development of students. 


    • Uphold the academic and behavioral standards of BCCC by adjudicating violations of the Student Conduct Code in a fair and consistent manner, treating each student with dignity and respect.
    • Challenge students to adopt an informed set of ethics and values expressed through civility, academic integrity, acceptable standards of behavior, and a commitment to social responsibility.
    • Educate students of the consequences associated with behaviors that violate the student code and community standards.
    • Act as a student conduct liaison for faculty, staff, and the college community

    Overview of Services:

    The Office for Judicial Affairs is responsible for administrating a campus-wide student disciplinary system, which is student-centered and is based on educational and developmental principles. We strive to uphold community standards while respecting the rights of each student in the community. Our Student Code of Conduct embraces the principles of fair play, compassion, empathy, understanding, objectivity, respect for human dignity and the search for truth.  

    Services Include:

    • Prevention workshops 
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Title IX investigations 
    • Restorative Justice 
    • Mediation services 
    • Community Conferencing 
    • Academic Integrity investigations 
    • Behavioral Intervention Team Coordination
    • Incident Management Advisory Committee Administrative Hearings 
    The Office of Judicial Affairs seeks to provide students with a learning experience that involves appropriate due process, accountability, self-governess, respect, integrity, honesty and citizenship in accordance with the College’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and the Student Code of Conduct. 
    The Office for Judicial Affairs will facilitate fair, ethical and civil practices in its day-to day operations. Judicial Affairs will provide conflict resolution services that involve mediation, creative sanctioning, administrative hearings, peer mediation, community Conferencing, prevention programs and behavioral interventions. All information gathered will be kept confidential and only shared when appropriate or in accordance with the law.
    There are also trained Ombudsman/Mediators who consult with credit and non-credit students, faculty and staff, relating to a variety of student related concerns. The Office for Judicial Affairs is impartial, independent and takes a neutral position with all matters. The Office advocates for a fair process for all involved parties.  
    The staff of the Judicial Affairs Office will conduct fact-finding investigations to determine if there is a Student Code of Conduct violation and if a hearing should be conducted. If there is a determination that a hearing is necessary, the Incident Management Advisory Committee (IMAC) is notified and an administrative hearing is scheduled. 
    The Student Code of Conduct is the community standards for student behavior on and off campus. It promotes civility, respect and a safe and learning-centered for all students.