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    Baltimore City Community College partnered with Bellevue University which is located in Bellevue, Nebraska to offer students the option to transfer directly into a 4 year institution to earn a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. degree online.

    Bellevue University could be the best transfer option because:

    A) You could qualify for one-time transfer scholarship = money you don’t have to pay back!

    B) You have a full-time person on campus to walk you through the Undergraduate enrollment process!

    C) Once enrolled you will be paired with a Financial Aid Coach and a Student Coach that will stay in contact with you the entire time you are earning your degree.

    D) Depending on the program you can transfer from BCCC to B.U. with 78 credits and earn your Bachelor’s degree in 18 months!

    E) You can enroll in a Cohort program which is taking one class, completing it and moving on to the next one. Or a Traditional program where you take 2 to 3 classes per term.


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