Educational Program

  • The daily schedule gives a view of the day’s events. It outlines the specific times that activities and events will be done, taking into consideration spontaneous learning opportunities.

    The schedule offers equal amounts of active and quiet activities, large and small group times as well as a balance of inside and outside activities. The schedule is posted on the teacher’s bulletin board in each classroom.


    Clarence W. Blount Child Development Center uses a state approved curriculum: the Investigator Club Learning System as our educational framework. It includes clearly identified goals and objectives which tie into the state’s standards for early childhood education.

    It stresses the importance of the physical environment and appropriate materials; and clearly defines the teachers’ and parents’ role in facilitating learning. The Investigator Club Learning System Curriculum utilizes the children’s interest in planning for their educational goals.

    This curriculum also uses the community, and resources as ways to increase growth of the child in the areas of physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.

    Along with the curriculum, we provide community experiences to enhance learning development of each child. The child’s interest is incorporated in each child’s educational plan. Creation of child portfolios guide the individualization of each child.