ERP Project

  • Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) proposes to acquire a modern, commercial off the shelf (COTS) administrative enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to replace the legacy system to address the current service deficiencies.  The proposed ERP system will replace all current isolated student systems, standalone modules, and integrate both credit and non-credit systems, integrate internal and external third party management information systems.
    The proposed  ERP system will be an enterprise system that permeates all functions across BCCC’s organization, embracing finance/accounting, academic affairs, student services, specialized programs, institutional research, marketing and foundation, portal/web services, and customer relationship management, etc. An ERP system performs these business activities with an integrated software application.
    The purpose of an ERP is to facilitate the flow of information among all business functions inside the boundaries of BCCC and to manage the connections to external stakeholders and third party systems (State, Federal, special agencies, and others.  Business process optimization is a goal and workflow can be utilized to increase productivity, reduce costs and time, make process change flexible, and simplify processes overall.