Open Computer Lab

  • At Baltimore City Community College knowing how to use computers and the Internet is a required basic skill necessary to succeed in both education and life. In today’s Digital World, the ability to use computers and the Internet to communicate in school, work, or personal environments are essential. These resources are also vital for faculty, staff, students, and members in the community to facilitate learning, promote education, and perform various functions and tasks using software applications.  
    Baltimore City Community College offers many free computer-related services to students and faculty. Registered students receive their own College branded Google e-mail account which can be accessed from home, mobile devices, and computers in the labs. All departmental labs have Internet access and specific software applications based on their designated disciplines such as Accounting, Dental, English, Engineering, Mathematics, Nursing, Reading, Science, and Writing.  Additionally, the Open Computer Lab has various departmental software; and knowledgeable staff members that provide students with technical assistance.
    The Open Computer Lab is located on the Liberty Campus, Life Science Building, Room 260 has 30 computers available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.