Office of Internal Audits

  • History

    The Office of Internal Audits at Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) has been in existence since 1993.  Although, the College was created in 1947, the internal audit function did not exist until the College was transferred from ownership by Baltimore City to ownership by the State of Maryland.  In accordance with an executive order, all State of Maryland agencies are required to have an Internal Audit function. Hence the birth of BCCC as a state agency also created the birth of the Office of Internal Audits.


    The BCCC Office of Internal Audits supports the College's mission by offering internal audit, compliance and advisory services for the management, staff and external reviewers of the College's processes.

    Audit and Advisory Services

    The Office of Internal Audits routinely performs follow-up reviews of all external audit findings.  Additionally, reviews and investigations are performed on reported incidents or irregularities within the College's processes.

    Hot Line

    Incidents of workplace injustice such as fraud, dishonesty, or drug and alcohol abuse may be reported to the BCCC Compliance Line.  Callers may anonymously report incidents like these without fear of losing your job, dignity or respect.  Call the BCCC Compliance Line at 1-800-849-9281 or go on line at and use the access ID "BCL" to post a report.  

    Click here to access the Institute of Internal Auditors website.


  • Office of Internal Audits
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