Bookstore Website Instructions

  • Order Textbooks

    Follow the following steps to get to the BCCC bookstore website and search textbook information:

    STEP 1: copy the hyperlink into a web browser

    STEP 2: Under generate your booklist, select add course to list,

    Then select a term (in drop box)

    Next select department,

    Select Course,

    Then select section

    Then hit add

    STEP 3: Under add you will see your course listed. Select generate your booklist (example: Computer literacy CLT100, ALL Liberty Campus).

    STEP 4: A new page will be displayed; your textbook information will be listed below as following: name of book, author of book, edition, price and ISBN

    STEP 5: Select your method of payment and shipping address

  • Note: Student will be sent a receipt to their email address.