• Business, Management, and Technology

    Business, Management and Technology Department (BM&T)

    The mission of the Business, Management, and Technology Department is in compliance with the College’s mission. The major thrust of the department is to provide students with business, technical, and computer related skills and competencies requisite to gainful employment and /or advance study.

    Goals for 2011-2012

    General Goals - BM&T Chair, staff, and faculty will serve on various college-wide committees
    1. Middle States
    2. Strategic Planning 2010-2015
    3. Academic Master Plan
    4. Accountability
    5. Developmental Education

    BM&T Specific Goals and Strategic Priority for 2011/2012

    I. To deliver excellent instruction
    II. To increase enrollment, retention, and student success
    III. To pursue new initiatives and curricula enhancements
    IV. To enhance marketing/recruiting activities
    V. To enhance relationships with Baltimore City High School Systems (BCPSS), businesses, educational institutions, government and non-profit organizations
    VI. To implement the “Student Learning Outcomes Assessment”
    VII. Promote BM&T Club Activities
    VIII. To promote professional development for full-time and adjunct faculty