What is Strategic Planning?

  • Planning “a conscious process by which an institution assesses its current state and the likely future condition of its environment, identifies possible future states for itself, and then develops organizational strategies, policies, and procedures for selecting and getting to one or more of them”

    Peterson, Marvin. “Analyzing Alternative Approaches to Planning.” ASHE Reader on Planning and Institutional Research, 1999.

Central Threads Running Through All Accreditation Requirements:

    • Planning must be systematic
    • Planning must be rooted in an institution's mission
    • Planning must be predicated on analytical and evaluative information

What Strategic Planning is NOT:

  • Source: George Keller, Academic Strategy: the Management Revolution in American Higher Education, John Hopkins University Press, 1983.

    • A set of platitudes
    • A collection of departmental plans, compiled and edited
    • Done by planners
    • A form of surrender to market conditions and trends
    • A way of eliminating risks

What Strategic Planning is:

    • Academic strategic decision-making means that a college or university and its leaders are active rather than passive about their position in history.
    • Strategic planning looks outward and is focused on keeping the institution in step with the changing environment.
    • Academic strategy making is competitive, recognizing that higher education is subject to economic market conditions and to incredibly strong competition.
    • Strategic planning concentrates on decisions, not on documented plans, analyses, forecasts, and goals.
    • Strategy making is a blend of rational and economic analysis, political maneuvering, and psychological interplay. It is therefore participatory and highly tolerant of controversy.
    • Strategic planning concentrates on the fate of the institution above everything else.

Strategic Plan Update

  • May 1, 2018

    1. Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives were approved by the Board of Trustees on April 18, 2018

    2. College Wide Assessment Council Meeting scheduled for May 10th from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. Key Performance Indicators will begin to be developed.

    3. Started meeting with departments and divisions to begin tactical and operational planning.
    4. Strategic Enrollment Management and Retention Committee(SEMRC) met and created Subcommittees for Retention and Student Success and  Recruitment and Enrollment.

    5. SEMRC Subcommittees had their first meeting the week of  May 21st