Career Pathways

  • Whether a student is looking to jump into the workforce, start their career with a two-year degree, or prepare for transfer to a four-year school, BCCC has a program for them. Assist your students in exploring a “pathway” that works for them!


    An important first step is to select a program of study; degree or credit certificate. Most programs are linked to one of five Pathways which provide assistance in course selection, so it’s much clearer for students to determine what to do next, and what they should take each semester. Their Pathway will also offer them a variety of program-related, wraparound support services to enhance their classroom experience and bolster success.
    Get on the Right PATHWAY!
    Based on main areas of interest, incoming BCCC degree, and certificate, seeking credit students are grouped into one of five Pathways:
    1.Behavioral and Social Sciences
    3.Pre-Health Professions
    4.STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
    5.Visual and Performing Arts
    Based on the chosen Pathway, students will receive assistance in course selection as well as success supports and activities that are geared toward successful degree and certificate completion, transfer and career success

    How Will Selecting a Pathway Help Students?

    Pathways are designed to help students meet their academic and career goals. Each Pathway offers simplified, streamlined course selection tracks. These tracks help students decide which courses they need to take, and in what order to stay on track toward completion.
    Enhanced academic support services (tutoring, supplemental instruction and study groups) will be partially organized and supported by Pathway. Students will also have the opportunity to work closely with dedicated Pathway Student Success Advisors and corresponding faculty advisors as well as participate in Pathway-related clubs, field trips, service learning and guest speaker events with students who share common interests.

Career Pathways

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