• Middle States Self-Study
    What A Middle States Self-Study Means

    What is a Middle States Self-Study?
    The Middle States Commission on Higher Education Self-Study provides a forum to conduct a comprehensive review of Baltimore City Community College’s suppositions, practices, programs, personnel, policies, and institutional habits. By conducting a multiyear, data-driven and consensus-based study of its own strengths and opportunities for change, BCCC will have created a common understanding of our institution, identified strengths to enhance and weaknesses to improve, giving us a roadmap and vision to take into the future.
    The Self-Study is not about writing a report, although we will; it is about assessing our entire college to identify the ways in which we are and are not meeting our own institutional mission and creating our own recommendations for institutional renewal.

    For more information or if you have questions, contact:
    Professor Linda Benjamin at LBenjamin@bccc.edu or
    Nicole Cameron Becketts at NCameron@bccc.edu