• Middle States Self-Study
    Working Groups and Co-Chairs

    Group #StandardCo-Chairs

    Group 1
    Standard 1 and 6
    Mission, Goals and Integrity
    Karen Shallenberger, Faculty
    Diana Zilberman, Director E-learning

    Group 2
    Standard 2 and 3
    Planning, Resources and
    Institutional Renewal

    Shawn Lane, Faculty
    Ron Smith, Dean Student Affairs

    Group 3Standard 4 and 5
    Leadership, Governance and

    Daphne Snowden, BCED Operations
    Shawn Harrison, Public Safety

    Group 4Standard 8 and 9
    Student Admissions and
    Support Services

    Stephanie. Reidy, Library
    Andre Williams, Student Services

    Group 5
    Standard 10
    Paul Long, Faculty
    Mick Rigby, Faculty

    Group 6
    Standard 11
    Educational Offerings

    Group 7Standard 12 and 13
    General Education and Related
    Education Offerings

    Meintje Westerbeek, ESL
    Meta Harris, Associate Dean

    Group 8
    Standard 7 and 14
    Institutional Assess and Student
    Learning Assessment
    Carole Quine, Faculty
    Dr. Chen, Assessment