How do I setup a payment plan?

Deferred Payment Plan (Nelnet)


Baltimore City Community College uses Nelnet to process Deferred Payment plans. The Deferred payment plan allows students to defer their tuition, fees and textbooks for the Spring and Fall semesters only. The payment plan does not have any credit (course) restrictions. Students can also setup a deferred payment plan for just their textbooks if needed. The payment plan is located on the student portal “Nelnet Tuition Deferment Payment Plan”. The payment plan requires students to use a credit card, debit card, checking or savings account. Students can use MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.  Each month, payments are automatically withdrawn from the students/guardians credit/debit card or checking/savings account. If a student adds or drops courses, the student should contact Nelnet or the Student Accounting Office. The student must submit changes to Nelnet by the 1st of each month in order to adjust their Nelnet payments that are due on the 5th.

If you are a Non-credit student participating in the MultiSkills program, please contact the Student Accounting office at (410)462- 8333 for the details of setting up a payment plan.


 Deferred Payment Plan (Nelnet) Spring 2017 Schedule


Payment Plans available starting November 21, 2016


Last day to enroll online

Required down

Number of payments

Months of payments

December 1



December - April

December 31



January - April

January 26



February - April

February 23



March - April