Journals or Magazines: What's the Difference?

    For most research papers your instructor will require you to find journal articles. This guide will help you determine if you are finding appropriate academic articles. You will also learn:


    Written by experts in the field

    Written for scholars (Specific audience).

    Language used can get quite technical

    Articles in journals report on original research.

    Before an article is published it is reviewed by a panel of experts. This review process is known as peer review or juried review. Articles that go through this process are "refereed".

    Journal articles will always have a detailed bibliography at the end of the article.

    Articles can be very lengthy

    Journals are usually published by associations, universities or research institutions.

    Written by authors who are not experts in the field

    Written for the general public (General audience).

    Language used is easy to read.

    Magazines are usually commercially published, and cover current or popular topics.

    Very little original research

    This type of publication can provide a good overview or summary of a topic.

    Magazine articles can be opinionated or represent a very specific point of view.

    Articles are usually short (Only a few pages)

    Does not usually contain a bibliography at the end of the article.

    Both periodicals will have articles on sports injuries. Use magazines to get basic information on a topic and journals when you need expert information on the topic

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