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    Program Expectations

    1. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.
    2. Students must register for at least 15 credits per academic semester, but the chosen degree should be completed within two years.  This may require that a student enroll in more than 15 credits on occasion.
    3. Students must be on time and prepared to start each and every class or activity.
    4. Complete assignments on-time and prepare thoroughly for assessments (test, quizzed, presentations, etc.). 
    5. Respect and abide by the core values of the GTW program.
    6. Students must attend and participate in GTW program-related activities (e.g. cohort meetings, field trips, cultural enrichment activities, internships, community outreach, mentoring, etc. without exception unless there are circumstances beyond the individual’s control and he or she has been given permission to miss.
    7. Students must attend and participate in study abroad program.
    8. Students must attend and participate in “Friday Forums.”
    9. Wear professional-casual attire to all “Friday Forums.”