Special Education Assistant Program Outcomes

  • Students are expected to learn the following within the Special Education Assistant program:


    • Identify models, theories, and philosophies that form the basis for special education practice.
    • Explain laws, policies, and ethical principles regarding both behavior management planning and implementation.
    • Describe the relationship of special education to the organization and function of educational agencies.
    • Identify the rights and responsibilities of students, parents, teachers, and other professionals, and schools related to exceptional learning needs.
    • Describe issues in definition and identification of individuals with exceptional learning needs, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
    • Explain issues, assurances, and due process rights related to assessment, eligibility, and placement within a continuum of services.
    • Evaluate family systems and the role of families in the educational process.
    • Explain historical points of view and contribution of culturally diverse groups.
    • Identify the impact of the dominant culture on shaping schools and the individuals who study and work in them.
    • Describe the potential impact of differences in values, languages, and customs that can exist between the home and the school.